Villa Santa Margherita is a place for those who wants to take a rest, stay away from the chaos of the world

An hotel with a long story

This hotel has a long story. Villa Santa Margherita was a big institute ran by a religious congregation.

Even today, the property is in the hands of the nuns “Serve di Maria Riparatrice” that had managed the structure till the 2019.

Nowadays instead, those who manage the structure are Francesco and Diletta, two young hotel managers, with passion for hospitality and conviviality. They want to take care of their guests every day, with attentions and smiles.

Authenticity, conviviality and spirituality

Francesco and Diletta have found in Villa Santa Margherita the ideal place where they can host all kind of guests, from different ages and countries. Creating a familiar and informal location.

This is an hotel which allows spirituality to join every common space and bedroom, making people feeling comfortable inside and outside. An hotel which gives the opportunity to the spirituality that hovers over the stunning Cortona to enter in every corner of it.

A spirituality without dogma, that inspired lots of famous people as many as common, who enjoyed the experience and have made Villa Santa Margherita as their own home.

Francesco and Diletta has already an activity ,before Villa SM, called “Villaggio Nativo” located in Umbria, where they have experienced with success a new type of Hospitality wit authenticity and conviviality.

Hotel in Cortona like a SPA for the spirit

Villa Santa Margherita offers to the guests, beautiful and spacious bedrooms, all furnished in a simple, romantic and accurate way, typical of the Tuscan style.

Nowadays is an hotel, but once Villa SM was a big institute, a school managed by a religious congregation.

For this reason there are lots of convivial spaces, made for sharing lots of exciting /beautiful experiences together or on their own; like reading, meditating, listening or playing music.

The hotel gives spaces and paths made to be dedicated to themselves. In fact all the rooms and the church become places made for discovering the spirit reaching self-knowledge and self-consciousness; through yoga, music, meditation and of course a prayer.

We are waiting for you in Cortona!


Albergo Villa Santa Margherita
Viale Cesare Battisti 17 – 52044 Cortona (AR)

+39 0575 630336
+39 0575 630549

At Villa Santa Margherita, check-in can be done from 11:00, while check-out is until 10:30

For more information on check-in, check-out, accepted credit cards, please visit the dedicated page.